With more than two billion pencils
per year, we are the world’s leading and the oldest manufacturer of
wood-cased pencils. 
Our own forests absorb more than 900,000 tonnes of CO2  and neutralise the emissions of our production sites. 
Faber-Castell covers 82 percent of the global energy demand from renewable sources. 
We are commited to our Social Charta such as equal opportunities, equal treatment and the prohibition of child labour worldwide.

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Neutralidad CO2
Con nuestros bosques en Brasil, somos una de las pocas empresas en nuestro sector en lograr un estatus carbono neutral con nuestros propios bosques.
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Compromiso social
El compromiso social ha sido durante muchas generaciones parte de nuestro enfoque en lo que respecta a la responsabilidad corporativa.
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Sostenibilidad - Hojas de datos
You will find more information summarized in our Sustainability Fact Sheets.
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